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All vehicles traveling through the Henry Hudson Bridge lanes without an E-ZPass® transponder shall be considered for Tolls by Mail. The TOLL BILL generated after identifying the plate number is sent to the vehicle owner.

Private Vehicle Tolls by Mail

A private vehicle (as determined by the vehicle class in the lane transaction record) customer is periodically sent TOLL BILL(s) for their toll facility usage. The method of billing is similar to a Utility bill, whereby each bill contains new transactions and overdue amounts, plus any late fee associated with a previously unpaid bill. Thus the last TOLL BILL received by a customer will contain all open transactions and fees that must be paid.

Transactions remaining unpaid after two bills are transitioned to Violations.

Business Vehicle Tolls by Mail

A business vehicle [also known as a commercial vehicle] TOLL BILL does not use the Utility bill approach - each bill must be paid independently, overdue amounts will not be carried forward in the next bill together with new transactions.

A single reminder of an overdue bill payment shall be sent, with a Late Fee added. Transactions remaining unpaid after an overdue bill reminder are transitioned to Violations.

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